Saturday, December 14, 2013

1 week down, 8 to go

Hello everyone! (I might misspell all of my 한국말 horribly wrong, but hopefully not)

One week in the 앰티시 and I'm feeling great! Especially since it's P-day! Haha just kidding, I'm loving everything! My district is still even better than the best, classes are going well, the 영 is super-strong every hour of every day and the days don't drag nearly as much as they did when I first got here. The older 덩이 told us when we got here; "Just make it to Sunday," and they were so right. Once Sunday hit, we got into what will be our regular schedule for the next 7 weeks, and the days got so much easier.

BUT ANYWAYS, it's hard to remember everything that happened this week, I realize as i sit here typing frantically. Next week I'll have to remember to write down a summary of cool things that happened throughout the week. Oh well. I do remember that Cook 장로님 (I misspelled jangno-nim horribly last week, just so you all know. I'm getting it right this time) and his wife came and gave a devotional this week on Tuesday night. That was pretty awesome. General authorities are the best. As soon as they walk in it's like a bomb of the 영 was just dropped and we all get that much more excited. I can't recall what they talked about exactly, unfortunately. I have it written down in a journal in my room, but Tuesday felt like a month ago. The days don't drag anymore, but so much happens in a day that we forget a lot if we don't write things down.

For instance: We taught a... *ahem, "구도자" one day (as we do almost everyday so far), and when we went to bed that night, I said to my roommates; "Hey, did we teach 죄강덕 today?" We honestly didn't know. There were a lot of "No way! That was yesterday!" "I think so?" "I don't remember..." and whatnot. We had to look at our planners to find out. We were so blown away that we couldn't remember what we did that same afternoon.

We also walked by the temple one day. It was great. The temple itself was closed, so we didn't go in it or anything (sad face), we're not going to be able to until January. I loved it, though. The Provo temple is one of my favourite temples just because it's so unique.

But that's all for now. I'm going to take some time to get back to you individually. Hopefully next week I'll be better prepared to give you a little more than this week.

저는 여러분을 사랑합니다!

I love you all!

섀버 장로

Elder Shaver

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