Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hello everybody!

This week has been rough, I won't lie, but it's also been full of really awesome things!

So the thing that stresses me out the most, of all things, is the language block.  I'm fine with the crazy new diet, sleeping on the floor (well, I'm still adjusting to that, but it's no big deal), I'm fine with going without my old music and hobbies, I'm fine with devoting all of my time to working my butt off, but as soon as I try to talk to someone in Korean, I freak out. If someone speaks English, it's fine, but I can't handle Korean that well, apparently. I don't know why, because it's one of the things that I knew was coming and had time to brace myself for, but it still hits me. I'm working on getting around that, but the week has been hard because I had to realize that, accept it, and motivate myself to tackle it. To anybody planning on a mission; if you get called to a language speaking mission, learn that language RIGHT AWAY. Study PMG too, of course, especially in the time leading up to you getting your call, but when you get your call, and if you need to learn a language, don't waste any time not learning it. I thought I worked hard at it (and I did), but if I could've seen how much it would've helped me adjust here, I'd have worked a lot harder.

But anyways, on a much lighter note:
Korea is still super cool. Here's something that completely blindsided me about Korea: There is SO MUCH religious excitement here! There are 전도사들 (street proselyters) EVERYWHERE. There are Christian Churches EVERYWHERE. If you look up you'll see a spire with a cross on the top of it or see the word "교회" (church) almost anywhere. It's NUTS! My MTC teachers kinda talked about it, but they never said that it would be this huge! It's kind of cool, though, because people notice us missionaries a lot more as we do things differently from 전도사들. They will hand out pamphlets without saying a word to you, while we go up and talk to people. They don't expect it, and it makes them curious (or nervous. That happens sometimes), which is a advantage that we take full advantage of.

We've had a few miracles happen to us this past week. We've picked up some investigators! Yay! From none to three in a week!

One day while we were just out proselyting, (which is a good story, but I don't have much time to write it all down, so maybe later), and teaching street lessons, an old investigator called us back and said that he wanted to meet. I'll call him 베. If you can't read 한글 yet, it takes two minutes, so go figure it out. He's a Physics guy, and has a big degree in it (I forget that specific detail, though), and he believes in the Big Bang, but is sort of looking for something spiritual... I'm not sure what yet, because he seems pretty set on there being no God, or that God is in everything and isn't a Physical being. But his line of thinking sounds a lot like the way I think, and his story sounds a lot like the beginnings of my own conversion story. PLUS, he speaks really good English! BOOYAH! I can work with this guy!

The second fellow actually came up to us just as we were getting home. Get this: he came up to us and said "Hey, I've seen you guys around, I'd love to meet with you."
... Wha? Uh, Yeah! We'd LOVE to! What's your number? He doesn't speak English, but I'm not worried.

The third guy is Really cool, but I'm actually out of time... I sent individual mails first since I missed them last time, but it really cut out of mass email time. I'm going to have to figure out a compensation of some sort. I'll finish today's next week and try to fit in next week's as well.

Love you all! I hope that I'll be able to figure something out.
This picture is of my MTC district with our new companions before we set off for our new areas.

Without Wax,
Elder Shaver

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