Sunday, February 23, 2014

PSY vs Frozen

Fun fact from Korea: I have heard more of the Frozen soundtrack out here than I have heard PSY. I don't know if I've ever heard PSY once out here (shops play the radio all the time). I guess his popularity's as dead here as it is in Canada. "Let It Go" from Frozen is on the Korean's Olympics commercial, though. I thought it was the best thing.

Anyways. We are picking up new investigators!
I have to give them nicknames to protect their privacy. I'll start with Wise Guy, from Ethiopia.
We met him in a refugee home (we talked to a chinese guy... or tried to, anyways... and made friends with him and he took us home to the refugee home) with a bunch of other refugees. We talked for a bit, especially about the gospel, as all good missionaries should. It was an interesting conversation, and was dominated by an especially enthusiastic Christian (who's the sweetest guy), but we were interested in Wise Guy, because he asked this: "I believe in Christ and the Bible, but there are so many churches and different religions out there, how can I know which is the real one?"
... Uh... I know! I KNOW!!! Let me tell you!
So we talked to him for a bit, and we might get his Egyptian friend to talk with us, too. But so far, we've given him a Book of Mormon, and haven't done much else, because our last appointment (which was to be our second) kinda fell through. Oh well.

Second is Mr. Pear.
He's a dad, a super-stressed one at that, and a former investigator that we've met with twice and will be meeting a third time this week. We've mainly just tried to share comforting scriptures with him to help him feel the Spirit so far, but we're going to show him the Restoration video this week! I'm excited!
I don't have a good nickname for number three, but I'll call him Kim (김) good luck finding out which Kim he is. There's millions of them here. He's been a really awesome former investigator, had a baptismal interview and passed and everything, but because of his mom (fun fact: religious people in Korea are SUPER zealous. I haven't had a close encounter with one yet, but the stories of other missionaries scare me!), he hasn't been able to follow through with baptism. So here he is a few years later, hopefully not under his mom's thumb anymore, just starting college, and is really enthusiastic about the gospel. He's not so sure if he believes in God anymore, but judging by his teaching record, that won't be too hard for him. I'm so excited for him!

Our last one is another college student. His name is Yoon (there's a bunch of them too,so good luck). We tried to get him to church after a really good lesson. I'm not sure if he did, though, because we tried to get him to go to one that's not in our area (because the other one was closer to him). Oh well, we'll find out.

I'm running out of time, though. If I don't get back to you I will try to next week! thank you for all your support!
Elder Shaver

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