Monday, October 13, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Another week!

It was finally one where I feel like I have something fun to talk about (maybe it's because I wrote things down as the week went by... maybe I should do that more.)

So this week we did a number of things. I went on exchanges with Elder Fullmer, and we did some fun exploring and whatnot, including the inside of the World Cup Stadium that's nearby. 

In the world cup stadium!

While we were on that exchange, we ran into some foreigners. Foreigners are never friendly for some reason, but we decided to say hi anyways. WE asked them where they're from, and they say Canada.
Heck yes! I'm all over it! I tell them "so am I," and then they ask, "what Province?" I tell them BC.
Then the guy (they were a middle aged couple) got this funny grin growing on his face and said; "keep going." So I tell them, "well, I'm from a smaller city called Vernon, have you heard of it?" And he says; "Heck yeah, we're from Vernon!"


We went on to find out that we both live on Mission Hill and everything. And we had a great chat about home and about what we're doing in Korea and whatnot. They didn't want to hear anything about the church, so we went our separate ways pretty quick. Oh well. It was quite the coincidence.

Aside from that, we did the usual stuff. There was a big family history event at our church that the stake had us staff. We got to catch some of the super cool festival that was going on. I discovered that cotton candy should only be eaten in smaller quantities (at least, smaller than Elder Knapp and I bought), and we got to catch the Lunar eclipse. It looked way cool.

Some paper statues from the festival.

General Conference was sweet, too! Because of the family history event, though, we watched all but one of the sessions on Sunday. We had a marathon that took pretty much the whole day. It was worth it though. And plus, we got fed so much for doing the family history event. I still have almost all of my groceries from last week, so I'm set!

Transfer calls also happened, but nobody in my area is moving at all. Some people in my MTC group are moving up, though. Elder Grossgebauer is going Zone Leader! And almost all of us are senior companions, now!

I had to save the best for last: We FINALLY got to meet Samir. It's been hard to get a hold of the guy between our schedules and missed calls, etc... But we finally sat down with him and got to know him a bit more.
This man is amazing. He listens better than anybody I've ever met out here. We gave him a book of Mormon in Urdu, (he's American, but his parents' business took him all over the world as he grew up, so Urdu is his best language apparently) and we talked about the gospel a little bit, but we haven't taught him anything in depth yet. But I feel like we will soon! He's super interested. He's known members of the church for a long time, and he's always been curious to know more, he tells us. We're so excited to meet with him in the future. And maybe jam with him sometime. I can't wait to see what a nose flute is (he makes those for money).

A random statue that we saw and thought was weird!

Things are starting to look better! But that's all for this week.

Love you all!

Elder Shaver

ps I did get the relief society care package. I'm appreciating the stuff that's in there. :P 

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