Sunday, October 5, 2014

Not Super Fun

Alright, so this week wasn't so super fun. Not because anything bad happened, but nothing spectacular really happened, either.

The people that we had are all either too busy or are just dodging us (or punking, in the Korean missionary language). Seriously, it stinks. We had the worst week for stats this week that I've ever had in my mission. And there's not much a  chance of it getting better this week with how much the stake has booked us (without checking with us first... grr!) So we're going to be busy doing a family history event at our church building for five hours on four different days this week. We're not happy about it at all. That's a LOT of time. We're only going to get maybe three or four hours of proselyting time on those days, and skip appointments. Plus, there's a huge city festival happening at the same time at the palace next door, so most people are going to be preoccupied with that, we think.

We're not happy. They already took up a lot of our time this week too, because they said we had to make posters for it too. Of course, we can't just say "no, we're busy, please find someone else." That's just not how it works here when you're a missionary.

Ugh. I guess there are just those kinds of weeks. Such is the life of a missionary. 

In other news; transfer calls this coming Saturday! We've got bets on who's leaving. We're still wondering if Elder Knapp is going to stay with me one more with his track record (except for his trainer, he's only gone one transfer with each of his companions). He keeps telling me that I'm going to train this time around. I kinda hope not. It'd be fun, but not yet! :S

That's all for this week, though! Happy birthday to Mom and Grandpa P!

Elder Shaver

Oh, and this happened. We roasted marshmallows over a gas burner using chopsticks at English class. Korea life, baby!

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