Sunday, November 2, 2014

This is Halloween ... Maybe

This week was pretty much devoted to Halloween. We tried to fit what other things we could into the week, but the reality is that our time was devoted to making the Halloween party we had on Saturday as great as we could make it.

Let me tell you something: It is difficult to get people excited about, and on board with, a party for a holiday that is not celebrated in the country they are from. But we did it!

The only problem was that we focused so much on getting our investigators, English class members, and less actives out that we forgot to invite the members out! We were hoping that our ward mission leader would get the ward out for us, but we totally forgot to talk it up to them ourselves. OOPS! All the people we were hoping our investigators and whatnot would make friends with didn't come!

Can't worry about it anymore! The party turned out great, anyways. The games were fun, the decorations were great, and the haunted house was amazing for how little money we spent on it.

That's really all that happened, though. I went on an exchange with my Zone leader, Elder Nixon, and even then we spent most of our time working on their Halloween party. It was Halloween week all week. I hope that it was fun for all of you back at home, because we managed to have some fun with it out here, somehow :P

That's all for this week, though!

Love you all!

Elder Shaver

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