Sunday, January 12, 2014

Another Great Week!

안영하 새요, 여러분! 어떻께 되십니까? 저는 잘 있습니다!

Hello, all!

Another week down, and another week closer to 한국! I seriously can't wait!
Life's still good, I haven't been sick for weeks, which is fantastic. Life's so much better when you're not sick, incredibly enough. You can learn a lot better, too.
Focusing is getting harder and harder, though. I've decided that I hate classrooms, which really sucks, but it probably has something to to with being in the same classroom for ten hours a day EVERY FLOPPIN' DAY.

Seriously, I've run out of steam for MTC lifestyle. We hardly get any breaks. In fact, we don't get a break until PDay, which isn't much of a break because you've got a bunch of stuff to get done on those days, too. On the upside, though, we can finally start going to the temple on Pdays, now that it's actually open. Thank goodness! We got to do a session this morning, and it was glorious! The Provo Temple is BEAUTIFUL! It's going to be such a blessing to be able to go every week until we leave.

On another note, though; there were some pretty funny screwups that happened this week. I'll start with mine:

So my 동반자 and I are in an "appointment" with our "구도자" and we're about to read a scripture with her. D&C 9:7-8. I was flipping through my 한국말 triple to it, and accidentally went a little too far to Moroni 9:7-8. I'm still at the point where all 한굴 looks the same to me, and since the two aforementioned references are so close together, I thought I was there and so I handed the book over to her and we asked her to read.
Somewhere in her reading, we picked out the words "Laman" and "Ammoron" and other things that were definitely NOT in the D&C reference and so we figured it out and pointed her to the correct one.
After that lesson, we looked at the Moroni reference... and, well... You can look it up if you'd like to. It was hilarious. If the two of us were in Korea, we would have never recovered from that.

A 자매님 also made a silly mistake, not nearly as bad, though, and much easier to do. She said in a prayer "Thank you that my companions are dead." Instead of "thank you for my companions." The verb for "to give" and "to die" sound a lot the same. The joys of learning a new language.

On the upside of language learning: I was able to understand on of our "구도자들" for once. First time I've been able to actually pick up on what they're saying EVER. I can speak, and write and build sentences, but understanding what other people are saying is the darndest hardest thing in the world! Just goes to show how much the Spirit is helping me, personally, because we don't get nearly as much practice listening and understanding as we do everything else. We listen to each other's broken 한국말 all the time, but, it's broken, and super-slow and deliberate, so that doesn't really help anything. But with the Lord's help, we've been able to make some pretty crazy-awesome improvements and achievements in our time here. The older 동이 and the branch presidency always tell us how impressed they are with our district. Just the other day, President and Sister Snow joined us in a post-devotionsal discussion and took some time to tell us about just that. We don't always feel like we deserve that kind of praise, but we must be doing SOMETHING right! So long as we can keep track of where we're at, and see how much we improve, and always always always rely on the Lord's help, we'll be unstoppable!

One more quick note: I know all about the stashes that are left behind in the dorm rooms. KTown calls them "Narnia Holes." There was only one in our room, and it had a bunch of candy in it. Anyone coming to the MTC soon: make sure you look for them, because some people find some seriously awesome stuff.

여러분의 사랑은 저를 주셔서 감사합니다. Thank you for your love, and keeping me motivated. 저는 그리스도의 복음을 참되는 것을 알고 있습니다. I know that Christ's Gospel is true. I can't wait to start teaching it in Korea. Everytime my teachers, or other staff and volunteers come and talk about Korea, I get so excited because everything about Korea, even the weird things, sound so cool and amazing! I can't wait to meet them, and I can't wait to share with them the greatest gift anyone can give.

But that's all for now!

Without Wax,

Elder Shaver


  1. 정말 왁 스 없이 하셨습니까?

  2. Hang in there, Elder Shaver! It won't be long now until you're walking off the plane and stepping into Korea! :D

  3. It's January 22nd. Happy 20th Birthday!!