Saturday, January 25, 2014


IT'S GETTING REAL, PEOPLE!!! We just got our full-Korean name tags, and we're getting our flight plans tomorrow. AAAAAAAHHH!!!! So many mixed feelings in everyone in my district. We all want to be in Korea sooooo bad! But at the same time, we all know that we're going to cry for days straight when we're separated. We're like a big happy family at this point.

To epitomize this, let me tell you what happened on my birthday.
Happy birthday was sung to me at LEAST five times, four of which was pretty much just from my district. At the end of the night they took the cake from me ( which was AWESOME by the way, thanks you so much!) and took it out of the room, put candles in it and brought it back into the classroom singing happy birthday (again) and cheering and that whole thing. I LOVE my district so much! They're the best people in the world!

So I'm a little bummed about Ian getting taller than me... I don't want to think about how weird that's going to be when I get back. I've been working out everyday, though! It's on, bro!

Also! Yesterday, I got to HOST Andrew. Best birthday present ever! (and the RC car is awesome, too! Fowler 장로님 and I were having RC fights while our 덩반자들 were napping, it was lots of fun) One of the funniest parts about hosting Andrew, though, was that when I showed him to his classroom to meet his teacher, I spoke more French to her than Andrew did. I kept up a conversation with her, and we talked about where I was going, and how I learned French for years in immersion, and whatnot. It was pretty sweet. I still got it!
Thank you to everyone for sending me your best birthday wishes! I love you all so much, and I miss you!

Okay, one more thing that I really want to put up here (I don't like making these super long, because I know how hard it was for me to read long mission-blog-posts):
제 덩반자와 저는 totally had an AWESOME Friday! When we went to TRC, we totally shared a message that the volunteer really needed to hear in his real life. Consider this: we had no idea who this man was, aside that he was a volunteer for TRC, he and we were randomly assigned to the same room, we were supposed to skype with Korean volunteers, but couldn't because there weren't enough of them, 제 덩반자 had a story from his life stuck in his head ALL day that day and was prompted to share it, and an applicable scripture, that didn't really have much of anything to do with what we had planned to teach, and this man, was going through a hard time and really needed to hear it. It made him feel better, he told us in 한국말, which made us two feel like we were on top of the world.
Best.Thing. Ever.

The Lord is guiding and helping us everyday, and we're feeling more and more confident everyday. I LOVE IT HERE!!! I can't wait to get to Korea and start working with real investigators!
But anyways, that's all I have for this week. I know it doesn't seem like much, but I want to save some time to get back to those that wrote me individually. That, and the MTC, as great as it is, is just as repetitive and monotonous as ever. I don't think you'd enjoy me writing about my 9-10 hours in class per day, so, hopefully Korea will be more interesting ;)

Love you all! I'm going to eat a cinnamon roll now! (Thanks Grandpa P!)

Without Wax,

Elder Shaver

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