Sunday, March 2, 2014

아나ㅕㅇ하새요 from 한국!

This week was actually a pretty slow week. There were lots of meetings with the zone and the district, and there wasn't as much craziness that happened out on the streets as there have heretofore been. But, nonetheless, it's been a good week.

We met with Kim (who's earned the nickname of Kim the Saint, I'll explain later), Yoon (who shall be hereafter called Moshi, because he's alsways so stylish when we meet him), and a new investigator who doesn't have a nickname yet, but is a vice principle and shall therefore be called by her occupation until an appropriate nickname be found.

Moshi is starting school today, so he's super busy and doesn't know if he wants to make time committments. We'll see how he does, but we asked him to read the Book of Mormon, and to pray. We're praying for him.

Kim the Saint is a wonderful guy. He took us out to a restaurant the other day and, well, we didn't get much done with him sadly. He's told us straight-up that he wants to be baptized, though. Woohoo! He's wanted to be a member for a while. But anyways, he's a Saint, because he saved us from DEATH. Seriously. At the aforementioned restaurant, they served us each a free piece of meat that was absolutely drenched in this red sauce. Right away, he told us "don't eat that." We asked why, and he told us it was too spicy. I'd never met my match for something too spicy before in my life, and Koreans have told me that before and I've never had a problem with the food they warned me about, so I was skeptical. But then my companion tried a lick of the sauce and freaked out for 5 minutes (much to my amusement, and to Kim's as well). We took a piece with us home after the appointment (this stuff, by the way is called a Korean slang word for 'killing.' Fun fact. That's how Kim saved us from death... almost). Elders Thomas, Pringle and I tried a small little nibble each of that piece of meat at home. Our tongues all died and shriveled up a little, and for the next 10-20 minutes or so, we were FREAKING OUT. I've now met my match for spiciness. We could feel where the sauce had been for hours.

Anyways, the vice principle I talked about is a really nice lady that is helping us learn Korean as we teach her the gospel. She's a christian, but she hates some of the things that her 목사 (preacher) teaches. So that's why she's interested in us, and we're all too happy to oblige! We'll see what we can do for her. Fun fact: this lady self-committed to read the book of mormon before we had the chance to! Woohoo!

Those are the really major things that I want to talk about. Other than those, I think that I've finally gotten used to the differences of Korea. Honestly, I'm starting to find the things that I don't like, and I'm working to embrace them anyways. Korea's a cool place. Everybody believes in working hard, and everybody has a greater tendency to respect one another (of course, they all love foreigners that can speak their language to any degree, which is great).

March 1st was a holiday that marks the day that Korea regained independance from Japan. We didn't see any major celebrations though. Another fun fact about Korea: Dryers don't exist. They hang-dry everything. That was something that I had to get used to. :P

I wish that I had more to talk about. Hopefully this week will have some more fun stories to tell! Korea itself feels normal by now, so it's getting harder to think of cool cultural insights to share. Ask me questions about Korea so I can answer them!
Love you all!
Without Wax,
Elder Shaver

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