Sunday, April 6, 2014

2 Months in Korea!!

Hello, Everybody!
I'm using the crap computer at the library AGAIN. GAH! At least the keyboards here feel normal now. They're about the same as they are in Canada, except there's a 한글 toggle hotkey! >:)
Oh the fun! I want to be able to do this in Canada when I come back!
Anyways, this week was really slow... Not too too much happened with our investigators. We only met with Mr. 이, and we found out that he's going to bring his wife to church with him next Sunday. Just in time for general conference! BOOYAH!

Other than that, though, we just did a lot of contacting on the street and in the subways. We met one superDUPER cool dude, though. He deserves a good nickname... not just Mr. "모모모" (something-something). He studied theatre for ten years, and he's really eloquent. That basically means that anything that he says that I would normally understand... well, I don't. But the first thing he said to me was "You kind of look like Mr. Bean!"
It was hilarious. We laughed a good few minutes from that. I later found out that the only reason that he said it was because he thought I looked down and unhappy. Which, to be honest, I was at that time. He's such a nice guy. He wants to meet again, too. I hope that we'll be able to help him as much as he helps us!
But that's about it for this week. Sorry to cut this one so short, but I guess that there are slow weeks even in missionary work (still important, to be sure! But I guess sometimes the cool things need time to get set up before they happen? I don't know :P )

Oh yeah, Avengers 2 is being filmed in Seoul right now! Fun fact! 

We're also singing in choir over here "This is the Christ." It reminds me of Vernon choir!

Love you all!
Elder Shaver

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