Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter in Seoul


Holy cow! I'm almost down to a week from another transfer! Calls come in this Saturday! It's CRAAAAAAZY!

This week has been pretty good, too. Nothing super exciting happened (as in, I didn't eat any unusual animal meat or anything), and our investigators are kinda being all over the place... Seriously, people that we meet (except for a precious few) just want to hang out with 외국인s (foreigners) and take us out to restaurants. Don't get me wrong, I love it! But then, we're trying to teach the gospel, too, but not many people want any part of that. :'(


Oh well. Mister 이 is still coming out to church when he can, and he's asking good questions. Plus, he really likes us, and as our senior, that will only ever mean good things for us as long we're in Korea. Old people would spoil us rotten if we didn't stop them from spending tons of money on us. But anyways, there's not much as far as our investigators go, sadly.

Let's see... Oh! Our ward had a ping-pong tounrament this week! Koreans are ridiculous at ping pong! They're ridiculously good at whatever they set their mind to, and they go all out at whatever they do. "Hiking? Well, let me get my special boots, pants, jacket, shades, hat, poles, and backpack with the essentials in it before we go." ( <- You see hikers like this EVERYWHERE) Seriously. That's how it is for EVERYTHING. Biking. Ping Pong. Video games. Sports. School. Music. If they're doing something, they're going to be the extreme best at it that they can manage. The members at the ping pong tournament were really good. Not everybody was spectacular, but there were professionals there with their uniforms and everything (they officiated, and then played some show matches at the end, otherwise it wouldn't have been fair).

There was also an Easter Musical Production last night. We sang in our ward choir, the chamber orchestra that played for us that one time was accompanying us and the soloists who were also singing. And, (here's the go-all-out-on-everything aspect of Korean culture again) the chapel (not ours, this was in 영등포) was decked out with stage lights, microphones, a big computer setup to control them plus the projector, and soundboards and the rest of the works. It was crazy! They even had a dinner prepared for right before it started! People went all out on it, and it was really good! I'll try to get some pictures later, but I need to get them from another missionary who wasn't a part of the program. I'll figure it out.

Anyways, that's what happened this week!

Love you all!

Elder Shaver

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