Sunday, May 25, 2014

A week of NOTHING

It's seriously been a week of NOTHING.


I've been in the mission home ALL WEEK. The only time we left was a little adventure to the corner store to get some snacks. I've literally been in here for a WHOLE WEEK.

I guess I also went to the hospital once for a check up, but it was so soon after the surgery that nothing of note happened.

At this point, the gas bubble that's in my eye is small enough for me to see the outside edge of it. This morning it decided to split into three different bubbles of different sizes, which means that they swirl around inside my eye as I move my head or my eye... It gets distracting sometimes. I've been trying to figure out how I can get them to turn full circles, but I haven't had tons of luck so far.

I think that one of the bonuses of being not allowed to do any missionary work is that I have more time and energy (and, let's face it, equipment) to cook with, I've been eating well. :P

Honestly, though. Not much is happening right now. I read Mosiah almost through to the end of Helaman so far, I've been keeping myself warmed up on the guitar... I even took up piano. Turns out I'm not that bad at it. I've almost got the first of Erik Satie's Trois Gymnopedies down. Not bad for someone who hasn't really played since he was 7 or something.

Anyways. I'm going back to the hospital for another check up. I hope that they'll be able to give me some good news. Like, if I could look up a little more, it'd be really nice. It'd be even better if I didn't have to sleep on my stomach all the time. I figured out a way to make it comfortable, but my nose is going to get flat one of these days.

I think that that's all there is to report. It's an adventure!

Love you all,

Elder Shaver

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