Monday, May 26, 2014

Eye Update


So the appointment was great! I CAN LOOK UP!!!! Not like, UP up, but the bubble is small enough that I'm allowed to look forward, and SLEEP NORMALLY!!! HOORAH!!! 

Elder Lee and me with Dr 신. She's the surgeon who's been working with me through all of this. 
She's so awesome! We love her.

I'm still not allowed to run, or do any other kind of exercise, but I am allowed to walk around. So Elder Lee and I are going to go back to our area and hang out there. We won't do much; we're only going to do lessons with investigators, or maybe member dinners and lessons. We're not going to be out on the streets proselyting for hours and hours.

Also, I found out what kind of gas is inside my eye. SF6. Sulfur hexafluoride. There's like sulfur and fluorine in my eye! Whaaaaaaat?

Hahaha anyways, that's the update! I'm so happy right now! My neck is even happier!

Love you lots!

Elder Shaver


  1. So relieved! You look great, Elder Shaver!

  2. I am on the edge of my seat already ... Can't WAIT to read his letter tonight to see how he is doing now. We love Elder Shaver so much!