Thursday, March 20, 2014

Korea Week 6

Hello everybody!

Haha yeah, no big. I'm still a trainee, so really,  there's not much excitement in it for me. Trainees are almost guaranteed to not go anywhere for two transfers. BUT, Elder Thomas is leaving! He's an awesome missionary, and he's going to be missed around here. He's going to 인천 zone, which is a ways away from where we are now. But anyways, Elder Despain is coming to replace him as Elder Pringle's companion. Elder Despain is my older 동기, which means he was in the group that came to this mission before my group did. Also, 정초원 자매님 is training one of the sisters from my younger 동기! I don't know the sisters as well as the elders, but it's still kind of exciting, even if it means the amazing 정햬민 자매님 is leaving (sad face! :( ). Oh well. Such is the mission life. There are people waiting for them in their new areas!

Anyways, the work in our area is moving along! Saint Kim has a baptism date! We're so excited! The only problem is that he's STILL not keeping his committments, despite how much he says that he wants to be a member. College students! They're just so fickle! Aside from him, we met with Wise Guy again, and it's starting to look like his interest in us is more academic than spiritual. He's trying to figure out this religion thing by study rather than trying out the principles that religions teach. So, we're trying to get him to see that you can't know the truth (which is what he's looking for) unless he does something to experiment on it. It's like expecting a seed will grow without planting it. IT DON'T WORK. We'll get him going.

We also gave a Book of Mormon to a really cool Egyptian guy (not the same one that I talked about before). He's a christian, he's been all over the world, and he went through a lot of hard times as a christian in Egypt. I haven't met ANYBODY that's been through the crap that he's been through. He's amazing, AND, he's interested in what we have to say! I don't have a nickname for him yet, though. We also met with a vice-principal (who's actual English name is EJ. Just EJ). She goes to church, but she hates what the preacher preaches there. I might have talked about her a bit already. She's looking into other churches, but feels bound to the church that she doesn't like because her dad (who's on his last legs in life... or, as Koreans say it; 'is about to put down the spoon') goes to that church. Grr. We taught her about the Gospel of Jesus Christ (well, we were on splits that day, actually, and so I wasn't actually a part of that lesson) and it sounds like she's going to be a good investigator. Time will tell, though, when we meet with her again and see if she'll keep committments.

That's the update on our investigators. Moshi is officially not interested anymore. Maybe he is, but he's too busy to meet with us :'(

My eye is being weird. It was healing fine up until Thursday, when I started having a different kind of vision problem, and splitting headache pains around the eye. We had an appointment with the doctor the day after, and he said that the hemmoraging is healing just fine, but the inflammation was still a problem (and, my guess was that it had actually gotten worse given the fact that it hurt so bad). So anyways, he prescribed new eyedrops and told me to trash the old ones. Saturday and Sunday of taking those eyedrops were still brutal, and I wasn't sure if it was even helping, but todayI haven't had any problems so far. No sight problems or pain. My eye is SUPER red, though. I don't know what's going on. I have another appointment with the doctor on Friday, so we'll see what he says.

It's an adventure, that's for sure! I love you all!

Without Wax,
Elder Shaver

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