Sunday, March 23, 2014

No More Hospital Visits!

Alllriiightt.... This computer has a square moniter.... And I can't tell for the life of me if this font is making my letters all purple or not. hoooooray! Haha I guess even the most wired country in the world has crappy old computers hiding around in old libraries.
Anyways! I'm going to get this out of the way: The doctor gave me the 'all-clear' last Friday! No more hospital visits for me! *knocking on wood right now* But, the eye is still super red. It doesn't hurt, but it still freaks out 정초원 자매님. It's funny. Also, it might take months before it goes back to seeing normally. Huzzah! >.<" At least the doctor isn't worried about it. I feel pretty good about it, too. It's much better than it has been.

But, moving on:
Transfers were interesting. They weren't as sad as I thought they would be. Neither were they exciting as I thought it would be. It was kind of like "Well, it's time for transfers!" for everybody else while I kind of waited for something amazing to happen, which it didn't. Oh well. Elder Despain lives in our house now, instead of Elder Thomas. Elder Despain is pretty fun, though. He's my older (one transfer ahead of me), but I don't know him all that well.
Also, Sister McNatt came to our district! She's my younger (one transfer behind me) and so that's how I kind of know her. And Sister Giles, who's a really cool sister from my older 덩기 (동기? I'm still not sure which 'O' sound it is) is in our zone! It's pretty cool.

As for our investigators... Well, nobody's progressing. Saint Kim has failed to come to church three times in a row, so he no longer has a baptismal date. We want to meet with him again and get him progressing again, but so far we haven't had any luck. ㅠㅠ
We picked up a new investigator, though! Mister 이 (pronounced 'ee'). He's a street vendor, and he's a really cool guy! He's got some great questions and he's (hopefully) reading a 몰몬경 right now! We met him right after I got to Korea, but Elder Brissette and an Elder he was on exchanges with ran into him again and he was like, "Hey you! I wanna talk to you!"
You know, we didn't know if we'd ever talk to him again, but it's really no myster-이 that we did (HAAA! Inter-lingual puns!). Miracle of the transfer: check!

Other than that, though. We're still looking for people. It's a little disheartening at times when nothing really happens as far as baptisms for such a long time, but miracles happen everyday, and I'm positive that every effort we put in is for something. There's just too many amazing things that happen for it to be any other way. No way whatsoever.

Just gotta keep moving forward, right? :P It all makes sense eventually.
Love you all!

Without Wax,
Elder Shaver

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