Sunday, March 9, 2014

Korea Week 5

Hello everybody!
Alright, so This week has been an interesting week. We did back-to-back exchanges almost all week within our district. That was a lot of fun, and I learned a lot from the other missionaries. But that was definitely not the craziest thing that happened.

So, last Monday, there was a soccer game that pretty much the whole mission was invited to. We decided to go. It was a lot of fun, but there was one point where I tried to get the ball away from someone... right when he was about to send it down the field... and, well, I practically ate that soccer ball. It nailed me right in the eye at point-blank distance. I was right in front of the guy when he kicked it, so it got me pretty hard, and I went down. It hurt a LOT for a few minutes, and it was bloody. But, y'know, after a few minutes, some ice and acetaminophen, it didn't hurt and the bleeding stopped really quick. It was swollen shut, but I was happy that it wasn't hurting. My MTC companion, who is an EMT, was there and was able to take care of me. I was so greatful for that. He has a picture that he's going to send to his mom who will most likely send it to my mom. Mom: don't freak out. I'm going to try to send you a picture of how it looks one week later.

But yeah, that put me half-out-of-commission for most of the week. We had to go see the doctor because when it opened (the very next day, I'll add) my vision was super-foggy. So we went to the hospital and the did a whole bunch of things and they determined that there was inflammation where the iris is, and there had been hemmoraging on the retina, so it was blood and blood clots floating around the inside of my eye. Fun stuff! They took a picture of the inside of my eye, and it looks SUPER COOL!!! I'm going to get them when I go back in for check-up on Friday. Today, the eye is almost completely healed on the outside; there's only a little red where the bruising was, and my sight has almost completely cleared up.

We didn't meet with any investigators this week :( Between my eye and exchanges it was too hectic to stay really organized. We did meet with an ethiopian pastor, though. That was interesting. He didn't listen to us at all, so we just testified and left. There wasn't much else we could do since he wouldn't let us get a point across. Oh well. He was really a cool person, too. It made me sad.
Oh, and I finally tried a Korean food that I don't like. I don't think anybody can blame me, though. It's called (translated to English) Mudfish soup. It's a health/diet food that a lot of Koreans don't even really like. It was really weird... and while I'd eat it again if someone put it in front of me, you can expect me to avoid any such situation.
Here is a picture from the church bulletin of the missionaries in my area.

And, before I go: Fun fact about Korea.
Bathrooms in Koreans' homes combo as a lot of things. They're different, and honestly I didn't like it when I got here, but now it's just kind of "whatever, it's life"
When you walk in, there's the toilet, and a shower head stuck to a wall (ie, it's not in a separate stall), and the washing machine is in it too. When you take a shower, EVERYTHING GETS WET. EVERYTHING. And it stays wet for most of the day. You need shower sandals just to walk in there to go to the bathroom. It's like that in EVERY appartment. Now you'll be ready for it if you ever come to Korea ;)

Love you all! You're the best!
Elder Shaver

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