Monday, July 21, 2014

Comings and Goings

I'm trying so hard to even remember what happened this week.

Transfer calls happened. I'm staying where I am, and our house is going to become a 2-man house! I've never been in a 2-man house yet, so it should be fun... and a lot more clean... Hah!

Elder Huffman, who has become a good buddy of mine is leaving. A sister from the other ward is also leaving. Another sister from our ward is going home, and Sister Driscoll (from my MTC 동기) is coming to replace her! Elder Lee is the new District Leader! It's kind of exciting. There aren't any other elders in our district anymore, so there won't be exchanges, but I guess that doesn't mean anything big, since an exchange would mean one of us would only have to move a room over. No bigs.

Elder Huffman and me

Our district

We had a big "American Culture Party" at the church. It was for the other ward, so it was kind of a big time commitment for somewhere out of our area. But the missionaries in that ward really needed the help. SO. We got to be a part of that, and it was fun. We set up a bunch of classic carnival games, made a bunch of food like burgers, mac and cheese, muddy buddies, popcorn balls, and got a bunch of candy for it. It was pretty sweet. Turns out that Koreans aren't big into American food, though. It's all either too sweet or too fatty for them to handle. Go figure. Oh well, it was a great time.

Other than that, though, not much happened this week. 4 our of our 5 appointments punked on us. So that's lame. But our spirits are still up! Something good is bound to happen soon! That, and new people will be a fun change, even though the people leaving will be missed.

Umm... Oh! Here's something exciting: Elder Lee and I went screen golfing last week for PDay. That was super fun. You're in this room, and there's this huge motion sensor setup and a projector that puts the golf course in front of you on this really big screen. They give you clubs and balls and say "off you go," and you just play golf. You hit the balls into the screen and it's like you're actually playing golf. The place that we went to had a platform that you stand on that angles itself to match the angle that your ball is actually on. It's SUPER fun. Elder Lee and I haven't really ever golfed in our life (I did a LOOOOONG time ago maybe once or twice) but we had a blast with it. It was SO fun!
I didn't get pictures, though... D'oh! Haha I guess I'll have to next time (because we'll probably do it again).

Anyways, that's the report!

Love you all!

Elder Shaver

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