Sunday, July 13, 2014

No ipod and other interesting things

This week was pretty interesting in a lot of ways. 

The first thing that happened was that an elder from our apartment 갑자기 up and left Korea. I had no idea until the day of when he was suddenly packing his bags and leaving stuff in an "up-for-grabs" pile on a chair. It was shocking. I really like that guy, and I was really sad to see him go. Nobody knows why, either. We're all hoping that he's okay and that it wasn't some sort of family tragedy.

Transfer calls are happening THIS SATURDAY. Speculations and predictions are flying (as they usually do). We actually got a spoiler from President! He came around this transfer for interviews, and ours were just this last Friday. We found out (though, this could very much still be subject to change) that my companion is going to be district leader, and that there's a chance that I might leave 금천. If I do, I'll have changed areas more than just about everybody from my MTC 동기 in this mission. I'm kind of excited to see what happens, even if moving can be a hassle. I'm super interested in seeing more of Korea. But two people from our district are finishing their missions at the end of this transfer: Elder 오 and Sister Sexton. We're sad to see them go. :(

We picked up a new investigator (maybe). She's a referral from a former investigator that we still meet with occasionally. This referral's name is Mrs. 이 (Ee). She wants to learn English from us, but is super open to talking about the gospel. She's catholic, but she's still open to discussing other ideas, it seems. Apparently Catholics aren't as widely accepted in Korea than they usually are in other parts of the world. I guess that they had some bad history of being rejected by the people a long time ago, and that some of the things that were said carried through the years. It's similar to what happened to our missionaries when they first started coming to Korea.

Anyways, we meet with her later this week (which is why I said she's only 'maybe' a new investigator) to start the 30/30 program with her (30 minutes of English and 30 minutes of gospel). We're pretty excited.

In other news, I just broke the iPod. Hoorah! I'm so smart! That's what I get for thinking I know Korean computer language. Now I have no music. I guess I'll just have to make all of my own for a while.

That's the update.

Love you all!

Elder Shaver

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