Sunday, July 27, 2014

Transfers, investigators and a birthday

So I totally didn't bring my planner with me today... Let's see what I can remember from memory! Yay!

Let's see... Our house is getting SUPER clean. It's a beautiful thing! I don't think anybody has really gone in for a deep clean in this house for years (no big surprise there).

We met the missionaries who got transferred here. There are only two: Sister Hammerl and Sister Driscoll. They're pretty great. Super fun missionaries. Sister Hammerl is from Australia, and she's got the thick accent that I haven't really heard from the other Australian missionaries that I've encountered so far. It's awesome. Everybody is bombarding her with questions of what Australia is like. Koreans are just as into Australia as they are into America, it turns out.

We've found a bunch of inactive members! We go out trying to find them so frequently and for such long hours in a day, and we've found a bunch! Now the trick is just trying to get them while they're actually home. BUT, we do have a couple that we're working with. Mr 노 (No), who I may have already mentioned since we actually met with him when I first came here, but then we kinda fell out of contact because of my surgeries. But we're back at it with him. He's a fun old guy that likes to feed us. We love him.

Now there's also Mr. 박 (Pak), who's started to come out to church after he found a note we left for him at his house when he wasn't there. We've been talking to him and befriending him, and now we're going to go visit him in his home this Wednesday. He's super nice, too. He's kind of quiet, and he seems kind of lonely. We're pretty sure he's not married, though we don't know his story yet. We've only heard a bunch of hearsay about why he went inactive that we might or might not be able to trust. I really like him, though. As far as older Korean men go, he's pretty laid back. It's a good thing, because it'll be easier to have good two-way conversations with him.

We also got a number of referrals from a former investigator that we've kept in touch with. They all want to learn English from us, but all 5 (yes, 5!) agreed to do our 30/30 program with us. They just might get into the gospel, you never know!

Things are really picking up! This transfer is off to a great start!

That's all that's exciting for now, though.

Love you all!

Elder Shaver

PS Elder Lee's birthday was last week. We got a big tub of Baskin' Robin's ice cream to celebrate. It was SO good.

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