Monday, July 7, 2014

Happy Canada Day!


So, I may or may not have mentioned this last week, but Elder Lee was a little sick last week and so we minimized our traveling for a while until he was better. But leave it to me to get sick RIGHT after him with the same problem. I swear that by the time I leave this area that we might not have accomplished a darn thing. RARGH!

Anyways. CANADA DAYYYY!!!! I celebrated with pancakes and maple syrup in the morning... and then didn't do much after that. I had my fun, though. Now I'm eating the syrup with vanilla ice cream (which is the BEST THING) every other day.

Umm... Not a ton happened this week, though. Our investigators are still virtually stagnant in their progress. One is super inconsistent with keeping commitments, and the other just straight-up can't do it until a certain something happens (which, for his personal privacy, I probably shouldn't disclose to the public). But at least the latter one (who we'll call Mr 남 [Nam] ) is super strong in the spirit. He'll get baptized when he can, I know it. It just might not be with us. the first guy I mentioned (who we call Kim) does super well one week, but then doesn't do anything the next week. And he still won't come to church.

Other than that, we've still been looking for our inactive members. We still haven't found one that we can work with, but the one that we met at the beginning of my time here in Geumcheon (who is Mr. 노 [No] ) came back and we're having dinner with him tomorrow.

That's the update. Things aren't that upbeat, but I hope that they'll pick up soon. Like, I REALLY hope that they will.

Love you all.

Elder Shaver
My zone in Geumcheon.

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