Sunday, June 15, 2014

Another Slow Week

Hello everybody!

So this week was about the same as the last one... A whole lot of NOTHING!

It's REALLY starting to get to me. I've probably said that a dozen times before, but there's always something to top it. This week the things that I'd do when I'm bored got boring. I still play the guitar that I got, and we all still chat in the house (because nobody in our house does full-activity, sadly). We're all really good buddies by now. We've spent so much time in the house together.

Umm... well I got 똥친'ed (ddongcheen) for the first time yesterday by some little guy at church yesterday.

That was unpleasant.

똥친 literally translates into 'poop needle,' and it's what little kids LOVE to do to taller people. Especially really tall white guys... Like me! Anyways, they take their fingers, or whatever they're holding ( in this case; a spoon), and jab them up your butt. This little kid was all ninja-like and got me twice. I don't like it. It doesn't feel nice.

Ummm... Yeah. I feel kinda lame for not having much to say. This whole being-stuck-at-home thing is really starting to kill me. Thank goodness that I go back to the doctor tomorrow for a check up. I can't imagine that I won't be allowed to go back to full activity. It's been a while since the last surgery, and my eyesight hasn't gotten worse or anything. I've kept such a close watch on the little bit of blind-spot that's still there, and it hasn't gotten any bigger. On the other hand, I don't think that my sight is getting better anytime soon. It still looks all weird through the injured eye... Hopefully that goes away sometime soon.

Anyways, that's about it. Our investigators are still progressing rather slowly... One of them disappeared again (I think I said that last time, though). So it's slow going.

Love you all!

Elder Shaver

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