Sunday, June 29, 2014

Another Week, Another Ache

This is a good ache though (if there be such a thing). I got brave and tried a P90X abb workout with one of the other elders in our apartment. That was Friday night, and I'm still feeling it!

So this week (and last week, thinking about it) were SUPER HOT. They weren't actually all that bad, but the humidity is higher than anything than I remember experiencing. I don't know how people cope with it! I guess it doesn't really help when you have to go by the missionary dress code, though... I may need to find some more summer pants. I found a pair, and they're wonderful! I might end up getting a few more ( and sending some clothes back... I actually don't have any plans as of yet, so I'm probably going to just tough it out this summer)

Anyways! Tomorrow is totally Canada day! My only disappointment is not having another Canadian buddy to celebrate with. BUT! I have plans! I'm buying a bottle of maple syrup (can you believe that they actually have it here?!?), and in the morning: I'm making pancakes!!!! Lots and lots of pancakes!!!! Well, as many as I think I can manage, really. I've been gaining weight lately between not being able to do much and having a lot of rice replacing most of my normal diet. Being able to exercise has really helped to reverse that, thankfully. But I still got a bit of chub. Like, not tons, but enough to bother me. It'll go away soon, though. This week looks like there will be lots of walking.

My companion and I have taken to doing a lot of "less-active hunting," which finally paid off yesterday! We found someone! It turned out that the only reason she hadn't been coming to church is because she was in Austria for the last two years working as a professional cellist, and I guess nobody found out? Or nobody told us. Anyways, it was kid of cool, because she had just arrived back to Korea the day before we found her. Whether she actually needs our help reactivating or is perfectly fine and was still active in Austria still needs to be determined, though. We told the Sister Missionaries about her, so they'll get to work with her soon.

On another note: I feel like I've gotten really good a cooking with rice. Big surprise! I'm ready for college! All I need is a rice cooker, a frying pan and a spatula and I'm set to go! 뽁음밥 (bbokeumbab) in its various forms is my specialty! Haha not really, but I like everything that I've concocted so far, so I count that as success!

That's all I really got for today, though. I'm finally feeling like I'm back into the swing of things after having been so ridiculously out of it. Life is good! Even though we're not having the kind of success we're hoping for (namely conversions by the dozens), it's good to be a missionary.

Love you all!

Elder Shaver

The red dot is the 6 month mark!!!

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