Sunday, June 8, 2014

New Guitar and Clean House

Okay... so nothing happened this week. Well, almost nothing, but it didn't feel like much.

Being on limited activity stinks when you're a missionary. There's not a ton of things to do. One of our investigators disappeared from the face of the world (for the second time, so we're hoping that he'll come back again at some point). Our other one is still waiting to be baptized. He's in a really special situation that, in respect for his privacy, I won't divulge details. He's the perfect new convert, except for the part that he's not officially a member yet... It's interesting. Our third investigator is coming along slowly but surely. He has an issue with faith, and he doesn't feel worthy to pray or to make promises to God, he feels as though he'll be dishonest if he were to pray. I'm not sure I understand all of it, but he's making some progress and keeping commitments.

Aside from that, I got a guitar. I didn't think to take a picture of it... silly me... Maybe next week...

But yeah, that's it. This week was really kind of dull. We're stuck inside all of the time for the sake of my eye, so we don't get many opportunities to make cool things happen (and the crazy / cool things we MIGHT be able to do would further damage our already worn out house). Speaking of houses, we've had a LOT of time to clean ours. It's beautiful compared to how clean it was a couple of weeks ago.

Anyways, we see the doctor again on the 17th! Which means I'm on the down-low for at least another week! Hooray! 


Alright, I love you all! See you next week!

Elder Shaver

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