Sunday, June 22, 2014

Cats and Kittens


I FINALLY got cleared for work again last Tuesday! It was a bit of a relief, but it looks like it'll be a while before I'm totally back into the swing of things. I didn't realize how much my mind could wander when I'm not doing anything to keep it busy. Now I'm stuck in the habit and it feels like trying to focus on anything less than spectacular is like trying to focus on a calculus textbook for hours at a time. My brain won't do it! It likes music better! Agh!

What even happened this week? We ate with a lot of different member families. It was cool to get to know them a little better (but it would have been cooler to actually understand more than a quarter of what they were talking about... Good golly Korean is hard). We met with our two investigators, as usual, but they're about the same as always. One of them, Mr. 남 (Nam), actually got a job not too long ago, so it's been getting harder to keep him progressing (nooooooo!). Our buddy Kim is still going in the right direction, though. Our next goal for him is to get him to church on Sundays. He's not busy with anything anyways, so it shouldn't be too hard... We'll see what happens, though.

Aside from that, though, our district is getting super sick all the time. Elder Ostermiller is having all sorts of problems, the latest being crazy migraines and his elbow that broke in the MTC is being weird. Elder 오 (Oh) is frequently sick (so it's not really much a surprise). Elder Lee is having stomach problems, and our two sisters got some insane food poisoning! I hope that nothing comes around to hit me, because I just got cleared from recoveries, so it would really stink to be back in the sickbed so soon. NO THANK YOU!!!!
There's been at least one of us injured or sick or whatever else since I got here. It's crazy!

Anyways, there's not much else to say, except that all the cats had babies. All of them. There are tons of stray cats everywhere in Seoul (a sad sight) and they all had kittens. Some of them lose track of their moms (an even sadder sight). It's awful.

That was a horribly depressing note to end on. I'm sorry. We'll hope that something amazing happens next week.

That's all folks!

Elder Shaver

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