Sunday, August 10, 2014

Another week down, only plently more left to enjoy!

Only a couple of major things happened this week. Our investigators are about the same (as always), and things are still pretty routine.
We did have a sudden transfer, though. Sort of. Elder 송, the Korean elder waiting for a visa (I mentioned him, right?) finally got his visa and went to America to the MTC, and eventually, his mission in Arizona. In his place as Elder Nixon's companion is Elder Gibbons, a really fun guy from my 동기. It's pretty great to have him around. He's got a lot of energy and is really animated. I don't know him super well, though, but I'm excited to.
I also did some pass-off with the zone leaders (we have a pass-off program here in the mission to help us learn Korean faster). It's funny, because they want us to do it faster, so our zone leaders are giving out 'TIP chips' (TIP = Teacher Improvement Program, aka: pass-off), which are these little cardboard coin things that have whatever goofy stuff on them. Mine is pretty funny. It has some random Korean grandpa saying; "beri goot!" I love it!
We also went to the temple this week. It was really good, and I JUST missed Elder DeMille for the SECOND time in a row! I was bummed. But I did see the elders from my zone that I know, plus some of the missionaries that are still hanging around in my old area. It was good to see them. After the temple, we went to a 목욕탕... which is a public bath house... It was actually not as awkward as I imagined. It was super fun and relaxing after a few minutes of culture shock. I would go again.
I wish something notable would happen work-wise, but so far, not a ton is happening yet. Hopefully soon though!
Love you all!
Elder Shaver

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