Sunday, August 31, 2014

What a week!

So my new  area is full of the stuff that I was hoping that Korea would have. Right in the middle of our area (or, at least the part that we care about... it goes all the way out to the West coast of Korea, but that's WAY too far for us to do anything) is an old fortress-castle thingy. You literally go walking around in town and the wall is just suddenly there.  It's got the cool towers and gates and secret doors in it and everything! The best part is, we get to go inside it almost everyday, because the church building is in the city district that's inside the walls! Get this, too: The church building is right beside the actual palace! This place is amazing! There are cultural performances and parades every day, plus a bunch of other random events like the jazz festival that was a couple of days ago. I don't have any good pictures yet, but I'll be taking some over the course of this next week.

The house we live in is the biggest and most comfortable one that I've lived in so far, and it's really clean (thank goodness). Elder Knapp is a really cool guy, too. We get along pretty well.

I haven't really had a chance to get to know  the people here yet, though I've met just about all of them. The ward is pretty big, there are actually a good number of YSA here. There weren't any YSA in my last two wards, so it's a nice change. There are a couple of Americans here too. It's interesting.

That's all for this week, though. See you all next time.

Elder Shaver

Here are a few pics. The first four are from Geumcheon.
Kim. One of our best investigators.

Young. A former investigator that we worked with and got lots of referrals from.

Moon. The owner of the best burger joint in geumcheon, 
and a good friend of the missionaries.

남길우 and his family. He's Chinese, his wife is Korean, 
and their kid is super cute :P

My new apartment in Shinpoong (Suwon).

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