Sunday, August 17, 2014

Dog meat stew and Houses!

Okay! So this library is really unreliable sometimes, like today, we only had one computer available, SO I gotta keep it quick!! ACK!!!! And I'll have to leave some people hanging again. I'm sorry!

We got a new investigator. Another English interest... that's a woman... I might not have said, but we have 6 English investigators... that are women... It's great, but we have to take the extra measures because they're women, and they mainly just want to learn English from us. BUT, we're greatful for whoever the Lord puts in our path, so hopefully one (or all) of them will get into the gospel and want to keep meeting to talk about that. If that happens, we might need to give them to the sisters, but I'll be satisfied in the work that we've done, at least.

We also got in contact with a former investigator from about a year ago that had to stop meeting with the elders because of health reasons. He just couldn't make it out with them and keep up with his job at the same time. He's really cool though, Mr. Kang. He took us and his friend, Mr. No (the less active through which we got in contact with him) to eat dog meat stew.

Yeah. Dog meat stew. It was actually pretty tasty (and it's a normal thing in Korea), but I had to get past the part where we were on the very outskirts of Seoul going to this place that looked so weird compared to everything else I've seen in Korea. The restaurant looked like a house. Like, an ACTUAL house that you would see in Canada. So did Mr. Kang's office. I was SO weirded out by it, and so were the sister missionaries when we told them about it. I haven't seen a house in like, about 8 months now. I forgot what they were like.

Anyways. Things are going great. Transfer calls are this Saturday, and so of course people are starting the guessing game. I don't really have any guesses this time. I don't feel any gut feelings, anyways.

But that's all I have time for, so I'll see you all again next week!

Love you all,

Elder Shaver

(Elder Shaver doesn't send many photos, so here is the latest countdown pic!)

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