Sunday, August 24, 2014


I'm moving!!!
I'm going to a place called 신풍 (shinpoong) in 수원시 (suwon city) I'm not even going to be in Seoul anymore! My new companion is named Elder Knapp. He worked in the other half of my area for a while since I got here, so I know him a little already. He's only been out for a transfer longer than me. We were in the MTC at the same time (though I didn't really meet him there).
This devilish web browser is stopping me from typing every 5 seconds!!!!!!!! I'm SOOOOOOO annoyed!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyways, I'm sad to leave my area. I really got to like everyone here, and as usual, I don't really have enough time to say bye to everyone. Such is the life of a missionary. Elder Lee is training! Just means he has to put up with another companion who can't speak Korean (and stay where he is for another three months; he's been here since February!)
My Bishop in Geumcheong -  안병선 (Ahn Byeongseon)

I really need to start writing notes from my journal again. I forget everything that happens in a week (usually because I'm stressed at email time) by the time I get to the computer. We have a lot of investigators, but not much happens with them. At least, it feels that way, because they progress so slowly. Hopefully they pick up soon, though. I'm fine with them making big jumps of progress after I leave like Mr. 이 did from my last area.
I have a food story though.
So we went with an inactive member to lunch. He bought us some sort of Korean fish stew. It was really good! But! Then they came and poured the rest of the stew in the pot (because it didn't all fit the first time), and there were fish guts EVERYWHERE! And we had to eat them. Elder Lee got stuck with intestines... and I really don't know what I got stuck with, but it wasn't tasty. Some things we couldn't even chew because they were too hard! I don't even know if they were guts or not! I thought all guts were squishy!
Anyways. I'm running out of time, and I want to get to some of you that wrote me.
I'm in Korea. I'm loving it. I'm writing from this second-rate PC방, and someone is listening to Let It Be in Korean in the corner. It's weird.
Love you all!
Elder Shaver

PS: My Korean is doing really well actually. I'm surprising myself lately. My eye is about the same, and i've got an appointment late in September.


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  1. Elder Shaver sounds great! I love all the pictures too. Thanks so much for posting them! :D